Micro Creamery


Ice Cream from Wears Valley Ranch Micro Creamery

Wears Valley Ranch also has a micro-creamery, producing artisan crafted ice cream with signature flavors such as  Cookie Butter w/Chocolate pieces, Old Time Vanilla, Old Time Vanilla w/Reeses, Mint Oreo, Belgian Chocolate, Strawberry-Basil, Nutella and seasonal flavors such as Mango-Peach.

We also have Grass-Fed Low-Carb High Protein ice cream that has been developed with a Doctor to provide a healthy alternative that can be used as a snack or even a meal replacement.  A “clean” and healthy ice cream with 10.5 grams of healthy fats, 8.5 grams of clean protein and only 5.5 grams of carbs.  For more information visit: vitalhealthicecream.com.

To order go to the wvr.org online store.